Your Spirit, Your Health

From my window I could see the Church, its steeple reaching up at the heavens. I could make out the figure of a man walking up the narrow winding stairs to the top of the bell tower. When he reached the top, his hands firmly grasped the long, thick rope. He pulled on the rope and the Church bell began to ring methodically eight times— a signal for the children to gather in the courtyard outside the Church for Morning Prayer. The place was Cristicor Romania in the year 2001. I was honored and privileged to be a part of a short term medical mission establishing a much needed health clinic that would serve this rural mountainous region.

I had some time that morning and decided to join them in the courtyard. I could hear the children as they chanted their morning prayer. I had little understanding of the Romanian language, but, recognized the song from the Sunday Church services I attended. The children were radiant, beaming with joy as they sang. I was filled with joy as I listened and found this feeling permeated throughout my day. Translated into English the song is:

Every cell in my body is happy.

Every cell in my body is happy

Every cell in my body is happy

Because I am at peace (with myself)

Romania is a predominantly Christian country and the loose translation of Cristicor means “rooted in Faith.” I would hear that song over and over again while in Romania, but, I turned a deaf ear to the connection between Spirit and Health.

My “awakening” or awareness was like a seed that had been scattered by the wind to a distant soil far from home. Let unattended, it took root, was nurtured, and slowly blossomed over time. It took time, nearly a decade for me to recognize that when our cells are happy we are healthy and that our health and well being has its “roots” in our Spirit.

Scientific medical research is now validating what the Romanians instinctively know—that who we are as people and our interactions with our higher power and each other determines our potential to achieve and maintain good health. The Romanian people I encountered experienced illness, but, I was witness to healing through Peace and Grace.

Our ability to love, forgive, and be grateful cultivates peace within us that nurtures and heals our physical body through our spirit. Numerous scientic medical studies validate the connection between these positive emotions and increased immunity from illness and disease. Illness and disease happen when our physical body is out of balance on the cellular level. This creates a disruption in the production and secretion of hormones, the ability of cells to exchange vital nutrients, the ability of the nervous system to transmit and interpret message reveived by our brain,

The human body is like a computer and it is up to us to connect our spirit and emotions to our physical body. The most beneficial way of doing this is through meditation, or “quiet time”. There are many formal courses and self help information on how to meditate, but, they are not necessary to start a meditation practice. The easiest way is just to sit quietly for at least 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening. Pick an area free from distraction and close your eyes. It is common for the mind to become distracted with thoughts during meditation. As human beings we “think” and it is impossible to completely clear our minds. When the mind wanders focus attention on the breathe of the inhale and exhale.